New Book

Our new book will be titled, “The Road Ahead for America’s Colleges and Universities.” Oxford University Press is again the publisher. The book will be available in July of 2017. Here is the Table of Contents:

Part 1 Introduction

  1. The Rhetoric of Higher Education in Crisis
  2. The Diverse US Higher Education System
  3. The College Bundle

Part 2 Threats

  1. Internal Threat I – The Rising Costs of Higher Education
  2. Internal Threat II – Will Students Keep Coming
  3. Environmental Threat I – Stagnating Family Income
  4. Environmental Threat II – Public Disinvestment
  5. Technological Threat – The Online Revolution

Part 3 Summary and Policy

  1. The Enduring Bundle
  2. The Evolutionary Future
  3. The Road Ahead – Policy Options